Year of Road: Residents of Aowin Constituency Cries Over Bad Roads.


Residents of Elubo, Gyema, Mile 4, and Enchi cry over the deplorable nature of the Elubo, Gyema, Mile 4, and Enchi road.

The Assembly Member for Gyema Electoral Area, Mr. Eric Ackah Jackson asserted that the road has been given to contract under the current government with the assurance of being completed by the end of this year but no results have been seen.

” Forty percent of the work has been done but due to financial constraints the work has been left to a halt for over one year with contractors on their site at Boinso without attending to the road”. – Mr. Eric Acakah Jackson.

The bad nature of the road has made it difficult for vehicles to move smoothly on it hence causing a lot of worries to the people in the Aowin Constituency.

They are therefore calling the government to intervene to ensure that the road will be attended to as quickly as possible just as the Minister of Roads has been touring the country to ensure that all uncompleted roads will be attended to.

The Assembly Member believes that, if the road is not given the needed attention, it may affect the NPP’s victory in the upcoming general election.

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