Watch Abigail and Afronitaaa’s performance at the 2024 Britain’s Got Talent


Afronitaa and Abigail after weaving their way into the grand final of the 2024 edition of Britain’s Got Talent, the Ghanaian dance duo Afronitaa and Abigail brought their A-game to bear for the final shutdown.

The duo in their colorful Ghanaian costumes , started their routine amidst unending cheers from the crowd and judges, who have loved them since the auditions.

They performed to songs from Ghana’s Reggie ‘n’ Bollie as well as Fuse ODG before bringing their act to an end.

With standing ovation from the crowd and the judges, Abigail and Afronitaa, who won the semifinals of the competition, received plaudits from all four judges.

” I think both of you are the most wonderful people, and I think after that performance and everything that you’ve done throughout the competition, you’ve really given yourselves a shot at winning this” asserted by the usually critical Simon Cowell.

Watch their performance below:

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