Privitisation of Ghana Gas: Minority cautions gov’t against possible judgement debt.


The Minority in Parliament has forewarned of a possible judgement debt against the State, should government goes ahead to approve the handing over of Ghana’s natural gas to some foreign entities.

According to the Minority, it has uncovered a move by the government to hand over Ghana’s natural gas resources to a foreign company without parliamentary approval.

The arrangement, according to the Minority, was originally between the State and a foreign company. But in an alleged move to bypass the requirement for a parliamentary approval, an entity has been registered in Ghana to proceed with the contract.

Ranking Member on Parliament’s Mines and Energy Committee, John Abdulai Jinapor, says the contract has been shrouded in opacity and smacks of corruption.

In an exclusive interview with TV3’s Parliamentary Affairs correspondent, Komla Klutse Monday, May 06, 2024, Mr. Jinapor indicated that there are two factions within the government planning to share Ghana Gas’s resources, warning of a possible judgement debt since the next NDC government will not honour such corruptible contracts.

“We have identified that there are two factions in the Akufo-Addo government determined to cannibalise Ghana Gas and share its resources as if it is a booty for their own selfish and personal interest.

“Whilst one faction is supporting Intel Logistics Bureau, another faction is supporting Genser for the same resources. This has the potential of leading to serious judgement debt against the state. Already, Genser is paying US$1.70 for gas that is supposed to be sold around US$6.00. This is nothing but a rip off.

“We in the Minority wish to send a caution and let me make it clear that we are aware unimpeachable information indicates that some high ranking officials in government are pressurising the Chief Executive of the Ghana Gas Company to sign some of these dubious contracts.

“Let me make it clear without and let me make it clear without equivocation that the next John Mahama administration will not be bound by illegal contracts. In as much as we respect the sanctity of contracts, we will not honour illegitimate, illegal, opaque, clandestine contracts that go against the Republic of Ghana,” he noted.

He advised the Chief Executive of Ghana Gas not to sign the contract due to the intended consequences against the state.

“And my message to the Chief Executive of the Ghana Gas Company Dr. Ben Asante, is simple and straightforward, don’t! And I mean don’t! Don’t allow selfish politicians to mislead you,” he counseled.

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