Overlord of Nzemamaanle, King Kaku Aka III continues to reign despite challenges


A cross section of legitimate Chiefs and Queen Mothers in the Awiaso Traditional Council (ATC), also known as Nzema Kotoko have affirmed that King Kaku Aka III is the overlord of the Nzemaland.

To this end, the traditional rulers have debunked and rubbished allegations by a group of disgruntled Chiefs and Queen Mothers in the Eastern Nzema Traditional Council ( ENTC) that King (Tumivole) Kaku Aka III known in private life as Mr. Isaac Ettie Amihere, is an imposter and not the overlord of Nzemaland.

Chief of Awiaso, Nana Akpanye Armo II flanked by Chiefs and Queen Mothers from the entire Nzema area who owe allegiance to king (Tumivole) Kaku Aka III, said at a news conference dubbed, “The Moment of Truth-Time To Voice Out The Truth” at Awiaso, the seat of the Overlord.

It will be recalled that some disgruntled Chiefs and Queen Mothers earlier held a press conference at Esiama to register their displeasure over the Overlord position of King Kaku Aka III.

Presenting the historical facts of the Nzema Kingdom, Nana Akpanye Armo II stated that the Royal Nvavile/Agona/Anona family first led by Awulae (King) Annor Blay were the people who first broke the virgin forest of Nzemaland to establish the Nzema Kingdom in the year 1192.

This was followed by Anlima Fulley in 1300-1400, Amihere Kpanyinli reigned from 1400-1450, followed by Dehele Koasi 1450-1500 and Annor Blay Aka reigned between 1500 and 1550.

The lineage continued with Bua Kpanyinli from 1550-1600, Annor Bolormane I ( 1600-1660), Menlah Ekyi Kofi (1660-1701) and Kwasi Ezoa Ekyi (1701-1746).

Then came Annor Bolormane II from 1746-1789. Mieza Ekyi and Nyanzu Aka also followed, 1789 – 1820 and 1820-1831 respectively.

From thence emerged the dynasty of King Kaku Aka I from 1831-1851 who refused to append his signature to the Bond of 1844 and was subsequently captured by the British Colonists.

Pursuant to the dictates of the Nzema culture and tradition, King Kaku Aka II was installed in 2005 and reigned till 2013.

During his reign, he was gazetted with Number 1144 and recognized as the 23rd member of the Western Regional House of Chiefs on October 1,2005 with reference to the Chieftaincy Legislative Instrument of 2013.

According to Nana Akpanye Arno II, it was during the time lapse between King Kaku Aka I and King Kaku Aka II that the forebears of the current paramount Chief of Adoabo and President of the Eastern Nzema Traditional Council and Omanhene of Western Nzema Traditional Council who became “Colonial Constructs”, became caretakers of the throne till today.

It became evident that the Royal title, Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli is under court injunction and can only be mentioned here for clarity sake without being cited for contempt.

King Kaku Aka III, known in private life as Mr. Isaac Ettie Amihere was enstolled as such following the demise of King Kaku Aka II in May 2014, with a receipt of GHC 350.00 and additional GHC 150.00 being graduation fees as Paramount Chief of Awiaso Traditional Area.

Additional GHC 12,000 plus GHC 350 plus GHC 120 were also paid to the then AG. President of Western Regional House of Chiefs in 2014, Nana Akwasi Agyemang, Paramount Chief of Lower Dixcove.

Additional GHc12,000 plus GHc350 plus GHc120 were also paid to then Ag. President of Western Regional House of Chiefs in 2014, Nana Akwasi Agyemang, Paramount Chief of Lower Dixcove.

According to the archives, Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli (1400-1450) was the leader who started the well-structured monarchical ruling of the Great Nzema Kingdom.

According to Nana Awiaso, King Kaku Aka III is the allodial owner of all Nzema lands from Ankobra in the Ellembelle District to New Town in the Jomoro municipality.

He said as allodial owner of Nzema lands, the King was able to use his powers through a Court order to lift an injunction placed on the Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) when the Caretaker of Adoabo placed an injunction on the Company laying claim and ownership to the land on which the gas is situated and demanded compensation from government.

Nana Akpanye Armo II added that King Kaku Aka III being the allodial owner of the Nzema lands had also placed an injunction through the law courts on galamsey activities which emerged at communities such as the Nkroful Agricultural Senior High School (NASS), Kwabre, Ewereko and Mantukwa in the Jomoro and Ellembelle Districts respectively.

The traditional ruler reminded the said chiefs and queens that “Act 270 of the 1992 Constitution which borders on Chieftaincy and Land stipulates that in matters pertaining to the installation of a King, the Chief in question must have access to land but the caretaker of Adoabo has no land”.

The Chief explained that King Kaku Aka deserves the Overlord title because he owns the Nzema lands and has paramountcies under him.

He opined that for chiefs and queens who owe allegiance to the Caretaker of Adoabo to tell a news conference that “King Kaku Aka poses and parades himself as the King of Nzemaland” is unfounded and mere words to bring the Awiaso Paramountcy and the Kingdom of King Kaku Aka into disrepute.

Nana Akpanye Armo revealed that King Kaku Aka III had placed an injunction on the Royal or Stool name of the Omanhene of Eastern Nzema Traditional Council and cannot use the name Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli because that name belongs to one of his progenies who reigned as Awulae at Adoabo from 1400-1450.

He described some of the chiefs who held the news conference as “rented chiefs” with the exception of only few of them who are real traditional rulers in Nzemaland.

He expressed shock and dismay at the behaviour of the chiefs who meant to distort history with special reference to the Chief of Salema whose forebears used to carry the luggage of King Kaku Aka I.

The Chief said the office of King Kaku Aka III was ready to institute legal action against chiefs and queens who owe allegiance to the Caretaker of the Adoabo stool for defamation or character assassination, libel and slander.

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