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Nzema Kotoko supporters chairman, Hon. Abizi Morkeh has damned the GFA Vice chairman, Mr. Mark Addo who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of the club for showing less or better still no concern on issues of Nzema Kotoko.

He has swindled the team for his fame and now does not have Nzema Kotoko at heart.

According to the Supporters Chief, Mr. Mark Addo is the cause of the points deductions meted to the team in week 15 against King Faisal, he knew the verdict between Asokwa Deportivo and Nzema Kotoko last season and it’s outcome and as a CEO what advise did he give to management before the start of 2023/24 league season and again what steps did he take to ensure that ,the said player issue is resolved.

When King Faisal brought the petition against his team Nzema Kotoko, what did he do about it, besides what advise did he give to the management of the team, what steps did he take in ensuring that Nzema Kotoko is not affected. He just sit in his office aloof, an office he used the name of Nzema Kotoko to secured it. As the so called Chief Executive Officer, how many times have you seen him watch his team play, he has never been to our park and neither watches our matches, Mark Addo is Nzema Kotoko problem and nothing will stops me from making such statements. He should resign as CEO and concentrate on his own team, Koforidua Semper Fi, we the supporters don’t need him. Let me appeal to my supporters to keep calm and continue to stand behind the team in this troubling times created by Mr. Mark Addo.

I will also suggest to our patron who we the supporters see as the sole financier of the club to look for a better, loyal, dedicated and committed person who will have Nzema Kotoko and it’s related issues at heart. The chairman was reacting to points deductions apportioned out to the club. Nzema Kotoko will overcome and shame all it’s enemies, he concluded.

Nzema Kotoko will play as guest to Future Stars in week 23 of the Division One League.

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