NDC can only win power with Nzema man partnership with ex-president Mahama by winning power by a vast margin and majority in Parliament can only be achieved by the party appointing Nzema man as running mate.


Ghana’s general election 2024 is just at the corner. The biggest opposition party in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has gained the attention of the populace after former President John Dramani Mahama was re-elected to lead the party as the flagbearer for 2024 elections.

There has been several controversies on whether or not the former President will retain Prof. Naana Opoku Agyemang as his vice President.

An astute member of the National Democratic Congress in the Ellembelle Constituency has shaken the internet with reasons why he thinks an Nzema man should be the best candidate to partner with the former President for victory in 2024.

Mr. Zacheus Boafo (Laprocal) believes that there are some spiritualities that surrounds NDC’s victory in 2024 and hence it is only an Nzema man that can be paired with John Mahama for victory in 2024.

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The Laprocal media can confirm to the history and spirituality surrounding Ndc victory 2024 that the Ndc can only win power with Nzema man partnership with ex president Mahama by winning power by a vast margin and majority in Parliament can only be achieved by the party appointing Nzema man as running mate.

The reason being that the Nzema’s has a unique history in terms of Ghana politics from the reign of King Kaku Aka I as the only King who did not honour the signage of the bond of 1844 making the Nzema’s free and independent people making the Nzema’s free from colonialism and imperialism and this was achieved by the help of our northern brothers.

However at this era of the Busia,Dankwah,Dombo tradition power can only be achieved by the Ndc appointing Nzema man as partner with ex president Mahama can win the Ndc power and also break the 51% records since 2000 by the party appointing the Fante’s and Northerners paring or Notherner and Fante’s paring.

Furthermore this media can reveal to the party records that shows thatv with Fante’s the Ndc cannot break the 51% record of winning political powers is below.

In 2000 it was Prof Mills and Matin Amidu but the pair could not get NDC the victory.In 2004 it was Prof Mills and Alhaji Mumuni again they did so well but could not get us the power.

Fortunately for NDC in 2008 Prof Mills chose John Mahama and the victory was annexed without any stress. In 2016 it was John Mahama and Amissah Arthur power eluded NDC bitterly. In fact it was the most disappointing loss in the history of the fourth Republic.

John Mahama and Prof Naana paired in 2020. NDC failed to occupy the flag staff house with Prof.

The above analysis show that it is the culture of NDC to change the running mate once power pass by and this can only be achieved by appointing Nzema man to partner ex-president Mahama.

Some unique history by the Nzema’s.

1. The first black philosopher Antoine William Amo – Nzema

2. The first person to form a political party UGCC Paa Grant – Nzema

3. The first president of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah – Nzema.

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