“Let’s move forward with understanding and respect” – Sir Bismark responds to Prof. Audrey on LGBTQ+ matters.

The attention of Ekuzoa media has been drawn to letters circulating on the internet showing an apology letter from Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo, whose comment on homosexuality affected the Nzema and Ga community in the last few days.

Several reactions has been made to such comment made by Prof. Audrey describing it as “demoralization to their rich culture” by the Nzemas. Concerned Nzemas didn’t rest on this issue, in writing,audio and video recordings sent a strong notes to Prof. Audrey demanding her to render an apology to the Nzema community.

Mr. Nwiah-Kwofie Bismark, a concerned Nzema Youth Activist and Advocate has been among the many Nzemas who are spearheading the fight against such downgrading comments made by Prof. Audrey.

In a Facebook post made by Mr. Nwiah-Kwofie, he stated that “To protect and sustain our rich Nzema culture, we will not remain silent on this matter. We shall employ the necessary diplomatic measures to ensure that the filthy garments that have been sewed by the professor for both tribes, especially Nzemas will never be taken to be part of our cultural practices “.

” I strongly understand the efforts made several times by Anti-Nzemas to demoralize our cultural practices to make them better off. In many history books written by Anti-Nzemas, we’ve seen how ugly and unpopular you have made some great Nzemas like Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Awuale Kaku I, andothers”. He further stated.

Today, Mr. Nwiah-Kwofie is glad to hear from Prof. Audrey regarding her apology to the Nzema people for her homosexual claims. In a letter sighted by Ekuzoanews.com, Mr. Nwiah-Kwofie has responded to Prof. Audrey expressing gratitude for her sincere apology and asking both sides to move forward with understanding and respect.

Read the Full Statement below.

Read also Prof. Audrey’s apology letter.

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