Just In: John Dramani Mahama declares his stance against LGBTQ.


Former President and National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag bearer, John Dramani Mahama, has signaled his disapproval of LGBTQ.

This statement represents Mahama’s most explicit stance on the issue since it emerged as a topic of national discourse.

Despite being recognized for his moderate political positions during his tenure as Ghana’s president from 2012 to 2017, Mahama’s stance on LGBTQ rights has remained ambiguous until now.

“By faith as a member of the Assemblies of God church, I am against LGBTQ,” Mahama declared, emphasizing the importance of aligning his political views with his religious beliefs.

Mahama’s statement emerges amid escalating tensions surrounding LGBTQ rights in Ghanaian society. The subject has ignited fervent discussions across political, religious, and social spheres, pitting advocates and adversaries against each other on matters pertaining to human rights, morality, and tradition.

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