Just In: Decaying body found near Nigerian businessman’s home linking to missing Ghanaian Lady and friend.


In a chilling development, Nigerian authorities have uncovered a decaying corpse in a remote location close to the dwelling of Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo. 

This businessman is under suspicion for the kidnapping of a Ghanaian woman and her Nigerian companion.

Nigerian activist Harrison Gwamnishu’s Instagram post revealed the grisly scene, displaying the body shrouded in a blanket, abandoned in the underbrush near Ochekwo’s home.

Investigations led to a startling similarity between the fabric enveloping the body and curtains from Ochekwo’s residence at 48 Stallion Street, Ogbor-Hill, Aba, Abia State.

Harrison quoted witnesses saying, “The body has been here for over a month, headless, with several parts missing. The curtain found here matches the one from his house.”

Afiba Abigail Tandoh, the Ghanaian woman, vanished last April in Abia State, along with Celine Chidinma Ndidum. Their last known plan was to attend a wedding in Rivers State, which was abruptly called off.

Recent updates from the Daily Guide Newspaper indicate the arrest of Andrew Amechi Otchipo, a 52-year-old British Nigerian, in relation to the women’s disappearance.

“Otchipo, a figure notorious and sought after by law enforcement, was detained by Interpol in Nigeria to assist with the investigation concerning the two women’s fate.

“Hotel CCTV footage where they all met provided pivotal evidence tying the suspect to the missing pair. Items like the women’s handbags and ATM cards were discovered at his place,” the newspaper reported.

In a tragic turn, Andrew Ameachi reportedly met his end during the inquiry.

He was allegedly killed en route to Abuja for the investigation, shot by police following an escape attempt, as reported by Harrison, who has been closely monitoring the case.

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