Hot News: A Plus exposes Sarkodie that he’s unable to criticize Akufo-Addo because He’s on payroll.


A Plus has taken aim at Sarkodie after the rapper recently lamely tried to criticize the government with a harmless tweet saying nothing.

Sarkodie came under fire after posting the most useless criticism of all time which did not really take any aim at the government.

He was called out for attacking Mahama and the NDC numerous times during their time in office but becoming mute with the NPP in power.

Kwame A Plus has now addressed Sarkodie over his lame tweet and revealed that Sark cannot speak up against the NPP because he’s been paid.

Speaking in an interview with Bridget Otoo, A Plus was asked why he thinks Sarkodie cannot speak up against the NPP.

He frankly said it’s because Sark had been paid by the NPP, making them his paymasters.

According to him, that makes it difficult for Sarkodie to speak up against them because he doesn’t want to offend his ‘masters’.

A Plus said that is the simple reason why Sarkodie cannot feel the pay of Ghanaians because he’s enjoying payments from the NPP.

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