Hot: New Force Leader, Cheddar Sends Strong Message to Ghanaians Hints on Buying The Country.


Freedom Jacob Ceasar, Presidential hopeful and leader of the New Force Movement has sparked controversy with his recent statement about wealth and power in Ghana.

In a bold proclamation, Cheddar claimed that if he were to create a million millionaires and take just 10% from each person, his wealth would surpass that of the entire country.

He also warned Ghanaians to be mindful of underestimating his potential, suggesting that although they may not appreciate his endeavors now, his return would signify a formidable force capable of acquiring the nation.

In an interview with Accra-based TV, Cheddar said, “If I create a million millionaires and take 10% from each person, I will definitely be richer than the country, so be careful. Ghanaians might not want me today, but when I return, I will be back to buy the country.”

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