Ellembelle MP Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah leads Anti-Galamsey demonstration tomorrow

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Deputy Minority leader, Honourable Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah will tomorrow Saturday, June 1,2024 in the heart of Aiyinasi, a beacon of hope will shine brightly as the Member of Parliament for our beloved Ellembelle, leads a demonstration against the scourge of galamsey.

This pivotal moment calls upon us all to stand in solidarity, to raise our voices against the environmental devastation threatening our communities, and to join hands in a powerful display of unity.

Galamsey, with it’s ruthless exploitation of our land and waterways, poses an existential threat to our region’s prosperity and well-being. It ravages our forests, contaminates our rivers, and erodes the very fabric of our society.

But together, united in purpose and resolve, we have the power to confront this menace head-on.

Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah’s unwavering commitment to our cause serves as a rallying cry for us all.

His leadership inspires us to take a stand, to reclaim our natural heritage, and to safeguard the future for generations to come. As he leads the charge tomorrow, let us heed his call and march alongside him, as one voice, one community, united against galamsey.

To our fellow MPs, to our esteemed stakeholders, and to every concerned citizen, we extend an urgent plea: join us in Aiyinasi tomorrow, as we make history together.

Let us demonstrate to the world our unwavering resolve to protect our land, our water, and our future. Let us show solidarity in action, sending a powerful message to those who seek to exploit and destroy.

Tomorrow’s demonstration is not just a gathering; it is a statement of our collective determination, a testament to our shared values, and a pledge to future generations. It is a call to arms, a call to conscience, and a call to unity.

So, to everyone within reach of these words, take note: tomorrow, in Aiyinasi, we stand together against galamsey. Let us not miss this opportunity to make a difference, to be part of something greater than ourselves, and to shape the future of our region for the better.

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