Confirmed: Autopsy report shows what killed Kikibees CEO

The autopsy results indicated that there was no evidence of malicious intent in his death, although investigations are still ongoing.

Bennet Adomah Agyekum, owner of Kikibees/Noire Lounge

The Madina District Court has granted GHC 2,000 in bail to Mam Yandey Joof, the alleged girlfriend of Bennette Agyekum Adomah, the owner of Kikibee’s Restaurant and Lounge. Joof is being charged with murder in relation to the passing of her boyfriend, also known by his stage name, Kikibee.

Judge Susana Nyakotey postponed Joof’s plea, and her attorney, Mr. Muniru Kassim, contended that she had no involvement in Adomah’s demise. Kassim said the truth would come to light when it was time.

The accused, a hotelier, is expected back in court on December 27th to continue the case.

According to a report from Angel TV, Kikibee’s death was caused by severe falls and excessive alcohol consumption, according to an autopsy performed by the Ghana Police Service’s Crime Unit. Though investigations are still ongoing, the autopsy results showed no evidence of malicious intent in his death.

Mam Yandey Joof is seen leaving the courtroom after being granted bail in a video obtained by Angel News. The case has attracted public interest, and as investigations proceed, more information is anticipated to become available.

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