Concerned Nzemas drags Prof. Audrey “hot” on her homosexuality claims about the Nzema’s and Ga’s .


Members of the Nzema community both home and abroad has registered their displeasure on the claims made by Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo that Nzema’s and Ga’s have aspect of their culture practices that support homosexuality.

She made this statement while being interviewed on JoyNews’s Newsfile Program last Saturday.

The entire Nzema community through various forms of communication has signaled an action course to be taken to deal on this matter.

Signaling out the Ga and Nzema people as having homosexual practices in their culture unfairly tarnishes the time-honoured culture and tradition of the Ga and Nzema people.

It is also likely to result in unfair targeting of people in the Ga and Nzema communities as homosexuals.

The attention of has been drawn to comments made by a young Nzema writer on Facebook addressing the said issue. Mr. Nwiah-Kwofie Armah Bismark has taken to his Facebook timeline to condemn the claims made by Prof. Audrey.

He stated,

” Serious heat has been generated from various sides of all Nzema people here at home and abroad on the claims made by Prof. Audrey about aspects of Nzema and Ga’s culture accepting homosexuals.

We as Nzemas are unhappy with the claims made by Prof. Audrey and looking forward to hearing from her to render an apology for her blanket statements made.

In view of this, concerned citizens of Nzemas have taken the decision to call on the traditional rulers from the three Nzema districts, Municipal and District Chief Executives, religious and traditional leaders, Members of Parliament, Youth, and all stakeholders to join hands to see that the necessary actions will be taken against such ‘inhumane’ comment made by Prof. Audrey.

To protect and sustain our rich Nzema culture, we will not remain silent on this matter. We shall employ the necessary diplomatic measures to ensure that the ‘filty’ garments that has been sewed by the Professor for both tribes, especially Nzemas will never be taken to be part of our cultural practices.

I strongly understand the efforts made several times by the ‘Anti-Nzemas’ to demoralize our cultural practices to make them better off. In many history books written by ‘Anti-Nzemas’, we’ve seen how ugly and unpopular you have made some great Nzemas like Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Awulae Kaku Aka I and others.

Men whose efforts and struggles today we have an independent country called Ghana, good public universities, factories, just to mention but a few have come under serious attack by many inhumane stand factories, just to mention but a few have come under serious attack by many inhumane statements from different groups who didn’t believe in the dreams and ideologies of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Today, a new set of group/individual

We have in many years remained silent on such issues, but on this, we will not remain static.

We are very confident in what we call our culture. Yes! The Nzema culture. The brave men and women of this tribe will not be silent. We have been liberated by the true spirit of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to act rightfully until the right thing is done.

On this I say, thanks for reading. Kindly share with me until it reaches the table of Prof. Audrey and everyone who is planning and plotting to tarnish the image of Nzemas.

Bismark Armah Nwiah-Kwofie.

Nzema Aiyinasi, Ellembele District “ promises to follow up with this issue and bring you timely update.

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