Breaking News: Two brothers arrested for butchering a military officer at galamsey site.


Two suspects in the alleged attack of military officer Timothy Adzakosi at Wassa Akyempim in the Wassa East district of the Western region have been taken into custody by the Wassa East district police command and the Twifo Atti-morkwa district police command.

On June 10, 2024, a Monday, the suspects Kwame Atta Snr and Kwame Atta Jr., who are thought to be twins, were both taken into custody after attacking a soldier.

Reports state that the Wassa East district police command detained the first suspect, Kwame Atta Jr., at Sapongso No. 1 in the Wassa East district as he was travelling to Twifo Praso, and that the Twifo Atti-morkwa district police command detained the second suspect, Kwame Atta Snr., at a Twifo Praso drinking spot called “Daddy’s Pab.”

The district police command of Wassa East is now holding the two brothers and using them to help with investigations.

A military soldier at a galamsey site was allegedly beaten by the accused and a few unlicensed miners prior to their capture.

Timothy Adzakosi and three other coworkers visited the Galamsey location, according to the information gathered. The illegal miners pursued them, but Adzakosi’s companions were able to flee.

Timothy sustained cutlass cuts to his arm and forehead and was beaten to a pulp.

To stop a second attack, he was saved, nevertheless, by Hon. Joseph Akomiah, the assemblyman for the Wassa Akyempim electoral area, and the chairman of his unit community.

The Ghanaian Armed Forces, meanwhile, have denounced the action and issued a warning to the public not to encourage attacks on military personnel.

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