Breaking News: Land Guards Invade Awiaso Community for Land encroachment. See Video


Residents of the Awiaso Community in the Ellembelle District of Ghana are living in fear and panic due to the invasion of land guards who according to sources are allegedly to have been deployed by the Chief of Edwakpole.

Land guards numbering about ten according to investigation revealed to have been sent to the lands belonging to the Awiaso community to forcefully claim ownership.

A video seen which will be shared later under this post shows one of land guards who is fully ‘armed’ with cutlass, guns, and other weapons saying that these activities are not undertaken without having some spiritual background or support.

It is alleged that Nana Asafo Ankara II is behind the deployment of these ‘macho’ men on the lands of Awiaso to encroach on the lands.

Investigation revealed that one Augustine Nkrumah known as Egya Koufie was attacked by these landguards last Friday. This has made residents to live in fear and panic.

Information reaching ekuzoa is that, the Aiyinasi and Essiama police services are fully aware of the invasion. Traditional leaders are taking steps to combat this in a lawful manner.

This is a violation of the Vigilantism Act (999) Vigilantism and Related Offences ACT of Ghana.

The residents of the Awiaso community therefore call for strict action to be taken by the Regional and Divisional Commanders of Police, security forces, and other intelligence to help curb this issue.

See Video Below

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