Breaking News: Fatal accident on N1 highway kills motor rider, injures another.


tragic accident on Monday night along the N1 highway in the Greater Accra Region has resulted in the loss of life of a motor rider.

Another driver was also left injured following the triple collision.

Eyewitnesses recount that the accident transpired due to a tipper truck speeding along the Accra-Lapaz route of the N1 road.

In an attempt to overtake a pick-up vehicle entering from the Accra-Ashaiman road, the tipper truck collided with the pick-up, leading to a subsequent collision with the motor rider.

Tragically, the motor rider was crushed under the weight of the tipper truck. The head-on collision left the pick-up driver trapped inside, with the vehicle severely mangled.

The rescue efforts were a collaborative endeavor between eyewitnesses and emergency responders, culminating in the successful extraction of the injured pick-up driver.

It took the collective efforts of both eyewitnesses and emergency respondents to rescue the injured pick-up driver.

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