Adamus: Concerned Nzema Youth Demonstrate in support of IMC operations in Adamus Resources.


Concerned Nzema Youth in the Ellembelle District on Wednesday expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment with the current management of Adamus Resources Ltd for boycotting the Interim Management Committee’s (IMC) operations after the court ruling.

The team led by Hon. Kwesi expressed worries about how the unexpected halt of the company’s operations has affected residents including traders, businessmen, and the entire economic activities within the town and its surrounding towns.

Speaking to the CEO of Voice of Nzema Media, Hon. Kwesi asserted that the new management body of Adamus should strictly go by the court’s ruling to hand over operations peacefully to the former manager.

He believes that the tenure of the former manager of Adamus Resources allowed fair entry of indegenes the opportunity to work with the company which also helped in managing themselves, families and which ever activities they are engaged in.

It is alleged that, the current management for some time now has seized allowing some qualified residents the opportunity to work with the company. It is with such that the youth embarked on the peaceful demonstration signaling their request to bring back the former boss of the Adamus company.

See pictures below.

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Video Credit: Voice of Nzema

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