AB Bokazo: Rich Nzema Culture Displayed As New Chief Is Enstooled. Watch Video.


The enstoolment of a new chief comes with a lot of excitement and pleasure but for the people of Amihere Blay (A.B) Bokazo, it was in a higher dimension for them as they graced the enstoolment of their new chief displaying the rich Nzema Culture.

The ceremony was held on Saturday, April 6, under the auspices of the Queen Mother of A.B Bokazo, Obahemaa Assuah Eba II, Abusuakpanyinli Kwaw Eshun, Caretaker Ebi Yankee, the Azanwunle Abusua (Family) and the support of the entire community.

Traditional leaders from the surrounding towns were seen in their numbers portraying the rich Nzema culture in their outfits. Religious and political leaders were also present at the ceremony showing their support to the new chief which was enstooled yesterday.

Mr. Francis Amenlemah Blay-Mockey who has been enstooled as the new divisional chief is given the stool name Nana Amihere Blay II. As tradition demands, his stool name will be the name to be used and called by all.

Watch the full video below


Credit: Nzema Eye TV

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